Fall – Divide & Conquer

Fall Gardening Divide Conquer

Fall – Divide & Conquer

With the coming of Fall and the change of the season, we look to the “sunset” of our gardens’ season. Now is a good time to take stock of your perennial garden(s) and see what has worked for you this year and what could use some improvement.

For those plants that you have thoroughly enjoyed and would like more of, see if they have grown up enough to be divided. There may also be plants that have become overgrown and are taking up more than their share of garden real estate. To make your job a bit easier, we have included a couple of links on the What, When & How to divide perennial plants. For many perennial plants, Fall is a great time to divide and/or to move them to give them time to re-establish before the Hard Frosts send them into dormancy for the winter. There are various schools of thought on dividing perennials and we’re not here to re-invent the wheel.

On that note we offer a few links for you to choose from to make an informed decision.

With your new divisions you can add to your garden space or even make a party of it and invite your garden-challenged friends with the promise of getting free perennials (you don’t have to tell them how much work they’ll have to do/share.) However, if you don’t feel comfortable you can call us or stop by and we will be happy to give you our expert advice.

Happy Gardening!