How to become an Awesome Gardener!

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How to become an Awesome Gardener!

A few questions for you:

  • Do you love to garden?!
  • Would you like to learn more about the hottest and/or coolest plants?!
  • Are you looking to up your gardening cred?!
  • Do you love talking to people about plants / gardening?!

What if I told you, YOU could do all of the above, get discounts on plants, and get paid to do so, simply by adding a colorful t-shirt to your wardrobe?!

Pollys t-shirts

OK, you would need to work for Polly’s for a while to make all this possible, however, you could do it in a fairly short time…4-6 weeks (certainly longer if you like). Once you’re hired, we supply the colorful t-shirts (and some sweatshirts for cooler days) and the training. It all happens pretty fast where we go from a few plants in the greenhouses to 2-3 (or more) truckload deliveries, several days a week. To be honest, during this time, you will be exposed to SO MANY different plants, your head will likely be spinning a bit either from gardening euphoria and/or information overload.

The gardening season in Northern Michigan is somewhat short and the early season planting window is even shorter. For those wanting to plant their annual flowerpots, boxes, and gardens, the weather-window gives us from about late-May until late-June to get things planted. This is ‘usually’ past the chance of frost, while the plants are in their primary growth phase, when plant availability & selection is best, and before summer gets into full swing. Think Mother’s Day until the 4th of July.

It is during this time that we need additional support in the garden center. Both part-time and full-time options are available. This is the perfect opportunity for the semi or fully retired gardener looking for a little action. Or the college student looking for a bridge job between the end of the school year and other summer job opportunities.  Gardening or other experience with plants is a plus but not required.

If you are ready to improve your gardening skillset, are interested in a short-term, seasonal job, want to make some extra money (or spend it all on plants): Apply to Polly’s Planting & Plucking Today!

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Hope to see you in a Polly’s T-shirt soon!