2023 Fall Postcard

2023 Fall Garden Services Postcard

Polly’s Fall Postcard program communicates valuable and crucial information to us in a timely manner to manage your flowers, gardens & landscape in accordance with your schedule and specifications. By completing the postcard your garden service wishes can be made clear with a few simple steps.

Complete this Form – Detailed Instructions Below

Please complete your 2023 Fall Postcard here or mail it in so we receive it by August 20 and get back to enjoying your flowers & gardens for the rest of the summer, on into the fall, and beyond.

Thanks for a wonderful summer, from all of us to all of you!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our office via
Phone: 800-826-1659 or 231-439-9000
Fax: 231-439-9003.

Our office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00a.m. to 5:00p.m.


Postcard Instructions and Helpful Hints

Please read the following information for a more thorough explanation of each postcard section.


Review the information we have provided (via email or written on your postcard) on how you closed the season last year and choose to continue services until frost or choose a specific “Stop” date.

We will clean up your flowers & pots very soon after your “Stop” date or after Frost, whichever comes first…We monitor & maintain Perennial gardens until Frost.

Specific Date to Stop & Clean Up:

If you have regular maintenance services (weekly, monthly, etc.) please tell us your specific Stop date. Following this date, we will discontinue general flower & gardening services for the season.

  • Polly’s will clean up flower pots, window boxes, and planters very soon after your Stop Service On date or Frost. Gardens will be left until frost or drought-stress causes them to be unsightly (especially if irrigation and/or maintenance are turned off.)


Look over your options to Add Fall Color (we all love that!) for post-Labor Day through Halloween; Plant bulbs this fall to bloom next spring & summer; or Decorate for Christmas. Check any/all that interest you and we will be in touch.

Schedule Fall Plans Now!

Consider any or all of your optional fall services and check the box(es) in which you may be interested.

Fall Color through October!

Check this box if you would like to add fall-season color and interest with late-season blooming plants like mums, pansies, ornamental cabbage, etc. that are frost-tolerant and will extend the enjoyment of your planters and gardens. We can also add fall decorations like pumpkins, gourds, straw bales & corn shocks to your garden, porch & patio. Click HERE for examples!

Fall Flowers and decorations

Fall Color!

Spring Bulbs
Summer Bulbs

Think of Polly’s NOW for Spring and Summer Color! Late Fall is the time that we plant bulbs for amazing spring color! We can plant early season varieties like Daffodils & Tulips to give your garden beds stunning spring color in April & May. And consider adding striking summer show-offs like Allium & Lilies that bloom in June & July giving your gardens a spectacular display.

Spring and summer bulbs

Spring Bulbs = Color in Apr/May | Summer Bulbs = Outstanding Blooms!

Christmas & Seasonal Decorations for the Holidays!

We can decorate the outside of your home/landscape for you or provide inspiration for the do-it-yoursELFer. We Fill planters & window boxes with evergreen boughs & naturals, hang garland, wreaths, swags, and Christmas lights and can provide Christmas trees, poinsettias, table centerpieces & arrangements to make your world warm & bright. We are the place for gift ideas too! If you can’t be here, feel free to call and ask us to deliver some holiday cheer to someone dear! Click HERE for ideas!

Christmas decorations

Christmas Decorations


Want to change your summer plan for next year?

Now is the perfect time to review what you loved or thought could have been better this year, what is or isn’t working in your garden or landscape, and make plans for improvements for next year and for years to come. Polly’s will be happy to discuss all of your options with you. Let us know now if you would like design changes for next year or have thoughts on upgrading. Check this box & use the “Notes” area to start the conversation.


** PLEASE KEEP Water & Irrigation On until October 1st**

We absolutely must have water systems (irrigation) and outdoor water spigots left on until October 1st. This really is a problem that only you can help us change. Please make a call to your irrigation company and any caretakers to specify this October 1st date. We really appreciate it.


We understand that the local fauna are very voracious eaters and often prefer tender, well maintained garden plants & shrubs especially when no one is around. Many clients find that the best defense is the installation of fencing to keep them at bay from fall to spring. Unfortunately, this is often scheduled before we have had a chance to complete your garden services. Please schedule deer fence installation AFTER October 10th and ask your contractor to contact Polly’s prior to installation, so that we may coordinate our services while we still have access. Deer fencing keeps us out too!