Meet Polly’s Pluckers

[block_title title=”The Polly’s Planting & Plucking Team” titlepos=”title-box-center” css_animation=”bounce”]We are very fortunate to have attracted, over time, the finest team of people any organization could hope for. Collectively, those who are lovingly referred to as Pluckers, members of the ‘Plucker Palace’, demonstrate their passion for growing and knowing the plants we offer. In addition, they enthusiastically seek any and all ways of carrying out gardening tasks, problem solving and creative design work with a joyful, fun-loving attitude. They make this nursery a wonderful place to work and to visit and extend that experience out and about Northern Michigan. It is our pleasure to work with each and every one of them. With that, we proudly introduce:[/block_title]

Polly Hudson

From the very beginning! The “Polly” in Polly’s Planting & Plucking, she dreamed of beautiful gardens with the eye of the painter she is. She began this business back in the early ’80’s using her own vehicle and gardening tools. Steadily and energetically she crafted a dynamic company that drew terrific people in for summer jobs creating beautiful gardens all over the North. Polly is the best boss anyone could ever ask for. Upbeat, with a compassionate ear, high energy and yet sensitive to the hopes and dreams of her ‘kids’, she is the original “Mother Plucker!” When she decided to retire and pursue another path in life, she looked within the Plucker family to carry on her legacy. She did so in order to care for her staff and her clients in such a way that no one would be let down. Our hope is that we have accomplished this mission in a way that makes her proud. She is a great mentor and dear friend and truly a class act. Words cannot express the love and admiration we have for you, Polly. We love you for all you have done and for who you are!

Kim and Bob Buntin

Since 1997, the new Mama & Papa Pluckers! When Kim & Bob were given the opportunity to buy Polly’s Planting & Plucking, it didn’t take them long to make a decision. Kim had worked along side Polly for more than 10 years as her right hand woman and surely knew where her passion was. As for Bob, he is the best partner she could have asked for, in every single endeavor. It was never a question whether it would ever work. What a wonderful, crazy, challenging ride it has been! Kim & Bob’s dreams of carrying Polly’s spirit and legacy forward have never wavered. They have poured our minds, energy and oceans of sweat equity into this organization. They are so proud of each and every member of our Plucker family that strives to honor our mission every year. We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for helping to realize dreams and allow us to dream bigger! You are simply the best ever, anywhere.

Christopher Benson

Since 2001, Office Manager / IT Manager. Chris is Kim’s right hand man and brother! He continues to awe all of us with his ability to manage and steer us “Pluckers” while adapting & refining our processes to reflect our vision of being the best at what we do. No detail is too big or too small for his thoughtful attention. There are few who possess his knowledge, persistence or dry wit. He brings superior techie talents to a decidedly untalented group. We cannot imagine life without him.

Tracey Sloan

Since 2002, Service Division Manager. Tracey (a.k.a. Mighty Mouse) possesses such a passion for all things horticultural that she is a force of nature in the Plucker family. It is infrequent that one can find a team player who grasps what needs to be done so instinctively and graciously steps in to accomplish the task. We not only appreciate the hard work behind the scenes but her artful design and installation of all things “Polly’s” and we mean ALL! She comes by Mighty Mouse very deservedly, we love you kiddo!

Sarah Harvey

Since 2003, Service Division Team Leader. Sarah can be counted on for her dependability, organizational skills, sweet nature and extreme good humor to bring sanity and smile to our world. She is always defining ways to better accomplish our goals of being the best in service in Northern Michigan. We do so appreciate her hard work, constancy and loyalty to the Plucker family.and we love your dogs!

Greta Cherette

Since 2005, Service Division Team Leader. We fell in love with Greta the moment she crossed our threshold! She brings a terrific attitude, great smile and tremendous work ethic to this place each and every day. She has taken every challenge in stride and exceeded in all that she has done. Our clients have the best advocate for their site in Greta! She is so nurturing, diligent and humorous to boot! Who else can we laugh so much with? We love you Greta, you’ll always be part of our Plucker family.