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Since 2001, we here at Polly’s Garden Center have made it our mission to bring beauty to the community by providing our customers with a wide variety of high quality annuals, perennials, and gardening products, as well as the knowledge to care for them.

Open from “snowmelt” in April through to Christmas, the Garden Center is conveniently, centrally located on M-119 (Harbor-Petoskey Rd) between Petoskey and Harbor Springs. We share our driveway with Emmet Brick & Block and are (mostly) easy to find by driving past their building, onto the gravel road, then look for us on your left. Park in front of the big wooden pergola and come in under the green awning. (picture of entry)

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Pollys Planting Plucking Garden Center Harbor Springs Michigan

Garden Center Products & Services

At Polly’s Garden Center, we have everything you need to make your outdoor spaces look their best. Whether you’re a gardening newbie or green-thumb guru, we’re here to provide you with the best service and products to help you succeed.

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Annuals are hard to beat in terms of showy, all season flower power. While annual plants grow for only one season and die at hard frost, they are indispensable in providing constant color in boxes and containers, critical color to enhance and carry perennial gardens through the season. Plus, you get to change your design ideas each year! From classic selections like Geraniums, Petunias, Impatiens, and Begonias to sought after cut flowers, dahlias, or discover new & unusual choices, our annuals come in a wide spectrum of colors and textures to please every gardener.

Pollys Planting Plucking First Class Nursery Harbor Springs Michigan


A perennial plant is a plant that comes back year after year from its roots. Most perennials live for many years, but some tend to be shorter lived due to how hard they bloom or how they are cared for. The flowering time of perennial plants can range from three to twelve weeks. Perennials can occasionally rebloom during the season if they are trimmed back and are able to reflush and create a second round of blooms. Geographical differences are expressed as “hardiness” for perennial plants. Not all are hardy for our Northern area. Polly’s works diligently to properly test plant hardiness through our gardening experiences to provide trusted information on all of the varieties we carry to help ensure your success. Perennial gardening or landscaping offers years of enjoyment and a very real improvement in your home’s curb appeal and value.

Ornamental Shrubs

Shrubs are woody plants that generally branch from the base. They can be evergreen (keeping their leaves all year), or deciduous (leaves grow from branches each spring & drop after hard freeze in the fall). Shrubs add significant structure and texture to any planting area, your home front, property line, or garden beds. Generally long lived and easy to care for, shrubs range in size from 2 to over 10 feet! We use the term Ornamental to refer to our choice to carry mainly varieties that offer several seasons of interest over more one dimensional options. Polly’s chooses shrubs that offer flowers, fruits, and/or spring and fall color. More bang for your buck! All shrubs benefit from annual shaping and fertilizing to maintain health and maximum beauty. We offer information on just how to do it too.


Herbs & Veggies

Herbs & Vegetables – Nothing gives you more satisfaction or tastes better than growing your own vegetables and herbs! We select varieties for superior flavor and variety, We grow them clean and cool for robust plants ready to help you jumpstart your season. Grow them in gardens, raised beds, or containers on the deck! Below is a partial list of some of the more popular vegetables we carry:

Heirloom, cherry, beefsteak tomatoes; Early Sweet & variety of hot peppers; Heirloom, pickling, and English cucumbers. Gourmet Lettuces, Brussel Sprouts, Italian Kale, Basil, Cilantro, Dill, Parsley, and MORE!

Garden Supplies

Polly’s team has been professionally gardening for over 40 years. In that time we have developed our favorite products over all aspects of things needed to get the job done. We choose to carry these for your success as well. Potting soils, bagged peat moss, topsoil, composted manure, mineral soil amendments, Organic granular fertilizer, Organic and conventional water soluble fertilizers, Premium bagged pine bark mulch. Gardening tools, gloves, plant supports, deer, rabbit & slug repellents, beetle traps, conventional & organic pest & disease treatments. Distinctive smaller planters for indoors or out, fabulous pottery, and basic pots at great price points. We do a lot in a small space.

Christmas Decorations

The Christmas Elves remake the Garden Center each November into your Decoration & Inspiration Destination! Offering Michigan-grown, fresh-cut, premium Christmas Trees, handmade evergreen wreaths, swags & garland roping, decorative holiday pots, bundles of evergreen boughs, natural accents, poinsettias, decorative holiday arrangements & centerpieces to make your home warm and cheery for the Holidays. We will create original designs just for you!

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“The very best relationship has a gardener and a flower. The gardener nurtures and the flower blooms.” ~ Carole Radziwill

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