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Polly’s Garden Services

Our garden landscape service division has been providing creative distinctive designs for gardens, patios, porches and storefronts since 1982. We are committed to fulfilling our goal for maintaining very beautiful landscapes for our clients. We bring beauty, comfort and dependable care to your home or business.

Polly’s Planting & Plucking, Inc. provides preeminent garden services for every season. From snowmelt and spring through autumn to the holidays, our garden gurus are enhancing the Northern Michigan landscape.*


Areas of Service

Just where will you see a Polly’s crew? Our service area is within Emmet County:

  • Petoskey
  • Harbor Springs
  • Bay Shore
  • Walloon Lake
  • Cross Village


*At this time, we are unable to accept
new Garden Services customers.

Pollys Planting & Plucking Fine Gardening Services
Pollys Planting Plucking Gardening Services Petoskey

Pre-Spring & Early Spring

Holiday Decoration Removal – If you had Polly’s Deck your House for the holiday season (or if you decked it yourself), we will begin the New Year by removing your outdoor greens & lights, at your behest, of course. We will tidy up reusable decorations (i.e. lights, cords, etc.) for you to store or if you would like, we can store them until we put them up next year.

Ornamental Shrub Pruning – Early Spring is the time to prune most ornamental shrubbery. Shrubs are the backbone in the landscape and require annual pruning. Proper pruning promotes more colorful, vigorous leaf growth with a more natural look, shape and appropriate scale in your landscape.


Garden Spring Clean-up – Gardens and flower beds need a spring wake-up call. Polly’s rejuvenates gardens each spring by cleaning & raking out all of winter’s detritus, aerating the soil, applying fertilizer and topdressing with composted mulch.

Rose Maintenance – In order for roses to reach their full potential, they want proper pruning, regular feeding, good mulching and eagle eye early trouble spotting. We happily perform all of these required tasks plus some TLC for extra measure.

Spring Annual Flower Planting – Plant cold-hardy annuals to add a splash of color to your garden or to augment spring blooming bulbs (planted last fall) or to fill your pots, boxes & planters.

Perennial Garden Rejuvenation – Perennial gardens need a makeover from time to time, even those that are well-tended. Spring is a great time for many plants to be divided, thinned to make room for this year’s growth or to be moved. There are some plants that should wait until fall, we will know for sure!

Perennial Planting – Have some empty garden space or a new un-planted bed. Spring is a good time to establish a perennial garden giving plants a full season to mature.


Summer Annual Flower Planting – Fill window boxes, pots, planters and garden areas with constant color. Colorful summer flowers and plants bring a landscape or outdoor area to life with vibrant textures, hues and fragrances.

Flower & Garden Maintenance Services – Planting gorgeous flowers is only the first step. To maintain optimum beauty, flowers must have proper care. Our garden geeks bring not only food & water but years of experience, a love of plants and an eye for detail, able to spot signs of trouble almost before it begins. We offer several levels of maintenance service to meet your specific needs.

Fall to Early Winter

Fall Annual Flower Planting – As the days begin to shorten and cool your gardens can change with the season. Give in to Mother Nature and plant fall Mums and other cold tolerant plants to present your garden with the harvest look.

Garden Fall Clean-up – Your gardens have worked hard all year providing you with so much pleasure, it is time to tuck them in for a long winter’s nap. Polly’s sends your gardens to bed all neat and tidy. Following the weather cues and the first hard or “killing” frost, we cut down the perennial foliage and remove any remaining detritus.

Bulb Planting – We can tuck perennial spring or summer blooming flower bulbs into perennial beds, amongst shrubbery, foundation plantings, ground cover areas and even lawns! Or we can paint huge swaths of color, in otherwise empty spaces, for exciting bursts of loveliness in early spring. While this takes forethought in the fall, it is rewarding and surprisingly economical.

Mulching – We’ve got mulches for any situation except the one that requires another layer each spring to look appealing! Different plants perform best with specific style of mulch. We know which is best. One thing is certain the right mulch is beautiful, functional and helps with keeping maintenance low.

Seasonal Decoration Installation – Let Polly’s team help you “Deck the Halls” for the holidays! We decorate bushes, outside trees, railings, porches, boxes or pots with lights, greens, ribbons, natural trimmings, great ideas and tons of holiday spirit. We also offer fabulous trimmings, trees, poinsettias and centerpieces for indoors at our retail store. Delivery and set up help available by appointment.